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  • I’ve been a bit surprised with the scope of the different fields in which Airbus is involved. I’m doing projects for two supervisors and my projects include quite a lot of market research and market analysis. The trainee program has been challenging enough even for a recent graduate like me. I’ve been able to push and challenge myself, and I think that the level of tasks I have been assigned and my skills match well together. It's rewarding to see what I've learned and achieved already in such a short time. All in all, I think Airbus’ trainee programme teaches skills that are valuable and useful for my future, not only in working life, but also outside of work.

    Linda Haara

    Sales Trainee

  • Airbus has been just the experience that I needed at this point of my career. This position has allowed me to use the skills and knowledge I’ve gained during my studies and apply them to meaningful work. It has been really helpful for me to figure out which direction to focus my studies on because I’ve seen the type of work that I like and what I’m good at. It’s been a good experience to have a position where you can actually apply your skills. On a daily basis, I work with different issues, situations, and problems related to our facilities and premises and I´m also trusted to handle them. An interesting project I'm working on is the flex-office project to modernize our office space in Jyväskylä, and I'm involved in planning and setting goals for the project within set time constraints. There is always support available and I can always ask for help, but I’m also trusted to deal with different problems on my own, which is great.

    Kalle Koivisto

    Facility Management Trainee

  • I’m mostly working with personal and facility-related matters, but I´ve had the opportunity to familiarize myself with other branches of security too. I get to learn something new every day, not only about security, but also about how a company of this size operates. Colleagues outside my team are also approachable, and I have enjoyed learning something new about their field of work too. It's safe to say, the people at Airbus are really warm and welcoming. Security has a high priority in our field of business. It has been amazing to see how good the security culture at Airbus is - people at Airbus really respect the importance of security and you can clearly tell it is everyone’s responsibility in the company.

    Lauri Niemi

    Corporate Security Trainee

  • It’s really interesting working with a company in the satellite communication industry using cutting edge technology. I’m working in strategic marketing and technologies, where we are studying satellite technologies for the public safety users. The sector has been new to me and it has been especially intriguing to dive into the requirements for communication systems used by authorities and governments. I would say the lessons learned during my Airbus employment are definitely beneficial for my future. I now have a deep understanding of the telecommunications sector in general, and it has been exciting to dig deeper into these technical topics. Airbus employees are experts in their field and I have been able to build up my professional network. I have gained contacts from within the company, and also from outside - in universities and with various stakeholders I met through our projects.

    Markus Säynevirta

    Research Project Trainee

  • Being challenged in my work and trusted to execute my tasks is really important to me. Over the summer, I´ve been supported by team members to tackle new projects, and I am encouraged to learn and also share my findings with colleagues. My role is mostly project-focused. I´m able to develop my own approach to the projects, analyze opportunities for improvement, and also discuss different constraints with my colleagues in an open and friendly environment. I think my previous professional experience is appreciated, and I’m given autonomy in my work. When I have a new idea or suggestion, I am supported and able to shape the projects I work on based on my interests and skills. This summer I also worked on various operational marketing tasks with team members in France, Germany, Mexico, UAE, and locally here in Finland to assist with events, marketing content, data analysis, and brainstorming on different topics. As Airbus has a large portfolio of solutions and business units, it takes some time to understand how your team fits into the whole operation. But once you catch on, it's really interesting to become familiar with the vast number of teams and resources that you can collaborate with in your work.

    Erica Martin

    Marketing Trainee

  • I’ve mostly been writing and running automation tests, but my tasks vary. I´m also working to improve the testing environment we have and working on solutions like Tactilon Agnet. I can see how my work makes a real impact. I didn’t have much practical experience working in software development before I joined Airbus. Most of my previous knowledge came from university courses. I’m studying computer science at Jyväskylä University, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how relevant the knowledge I’ve gained from school is for my work. I have also been positively surprised by the people at Airbus. I am getting to know other trainees here in Jyväskylä and we have fun as a team. We share our trainee experiences and regularly have lunch together. I’ve actually made friends here, which was not something I expected.

    Nico Kääriäinen

    Software Testing Trainee

  • This is my first job in the Information technology field and Airbus with its trainee program is the perfect career kick off. My daily tasks include developing CI workflows, maintaining the unit testing tools, and correcting bugs reported by other developers. The main languages I use at work are C++, Python, and Groovy. Right from the start, my team let me manage my own tasks that I was responsible for, and the implementation was fully in my hands. I simply love Airbus’ relaxed working atmosphere and the fact that I have a lot of freedom at work. Feedback and open communication are very important to me, that’s why I really appreciate the feedback I get on my work. Getting compliments is always nice, but when I get a good code review, I know what can be improved in my code and what has gone well. Code reviews are time consuming, but thanks to my team members who take their time to go through it with me I can improve my skills even further.

    Nayeong Song

    Software Engineer Trainee for TETRA Infra SW

  • My employment at Airbus has been a joyful ride. I started working in the supply chain team and my tasks have shifted from reverse logistics to project delivery, meaning that I’m now handling customer orders and all the practicalities related to it. I had the possibility to affect the direction my role evolved towards which was great. At Airbus I’ve been given room to grow and I’ve been supported by my manager and my peers. That has really helped me to tackle all job tasks, and to really challenge myself. When you are trusted and helped out you really start to learn more and you dare to take on new tasks. They might seem challenging at first but they also accelerate your learning curve, which has been very steep and also very rewarding. Working as a trainee at Airbus is not only a summer job, it is an investment in your future since there are possibilities to build a career within the company.

    Ville Heikkinen

    Supply Chain Trainee

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